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FAQ's About Licensing of Images from Susan Wright Images

What is the difference between a Royalty Free and Rights Managed License?

Royalty Free (RF) Licenses grant you the rights to use an image for an unlimited amount of times for the duration period of the license.  The permitted usages fall within the guidelines based on the file sizes.

Rights Managed (RM) Licenses are granted for a one off usage, based on the guidelines for the image size download.  RM images therefore have more exclusivity as compared to a RF image.

Do I own the image after I pay for a license?

No, the photographer retains copyright and ownership of the image.  When you purchase a license you are paying for the rights to publish the image.

Do I need to supply a byline or photographer’s credit when I publish or reproduce a photo?

For any social media feeds, print and digital editorials you are obliged to include a byline, photographer’s credit or adding the photographer’s social media handle to the post.  For more information you can view the Licensing Agreement.

Can I share the images with my friends and colleagues to use and publish?

No.  When you pay for a license and download an image, you are granted the rights to reproduce the image/s solely for your own purposes.  Sub-licensing and sharing of images is not permitted, without prior written permission from the copyright owner.  This is a breach of copyright and liable for penalties.

Custom Searches

I haven’t found the image that I’m looking for and would like to see more of the collection.  How am I able to view more images?

On the Custom Search page you can contact us directly and we will forward you a lightbox of images to be viewed within 24 hours.

I found the image I want, but it is in a landscape format and I would prefer portrait format. How do I access the different formats?

Send us a quick email and we can deliver the preferred file format to you.

Do I have to pay for a Custom Search?

Our Custom Search Service is free of charge. You only pay if you select and license images for reproduction.

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